Ultimate Muldex Kit

Ultimate Muldex Kit

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This kit contains all the LDO products for the Muldex build.


  • The motor kit
  • The frame kit
  • The rail kit
  • The bed
  • Flex Plate Kit
  • Fastener Kit

Motor kit:

  • (2x) .9 degree Slim Power BMG extruder motors
  • (2x) Y-Axis stepper motor
  • (1x) X-Axis stepper motor
  • (1x) U-Axis stepper motor
  • (3x) Z-Axis planetary stepper motor 
  • Custom length motor cables for the Duet 2.

Frame Kit: 

Complete LDO T-slot extrusion kit for the Muldex frame. Includes all the extrusions required for the build of the Muldex frame, including the x-axis gantry. All extrusions will be milled to length and all holes will be drilled and tapped. Extrusions will be black anodized after machining for finished edges. 

Includes: 40x20(15pcs), 20x20(2pcs)             ***Fasteners not included

Rail Kit:

  • (2x) 12mm single carriage Y-axis rail 
  • (3x) 12mm single carriage Z-axis rail
  • (2x) 9mm double carriage X-axis rail


8mm x 300mm x 400mm Machined Mic6 Cast aluminum plate.  Includes countersunk mounting holes and M3 strain relief mounting hole holes machine per bed drawing found on the github. 

Flex Plate:

300mm x 400mm Double Sided Textured Powder Coated Flex plate kit for the Muldex. Comes with 1.5mm adhesive backed magnet rated to 140c max.

Fastener Kit:

This kit contains a majority of the fasteners you will need for the build. Note, it does not include shoulder screws or the heat set thread inserts. A detailed list of all the items can be found on the Fastener BOM on github

 ****See the github for detailed information